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Best/worst jerseys in the NESCAC: A Primer

Who has the best/worst jerseys in the NESCAC? A Primer.

This week's Superbowl, super sized poll is actually two polls. In your humble opinion, who has the best and who has the worst jerseys in the NESCAC? Below find a primer (and more importantly pictures) for each team (in alphabetical order) so you can vote in the polls (on the right sidebar).

If you like reading about "The Obessisve Study of Athletics Aesthetics" you should check out the excellent Uni-Watch site. And if you want to know what NHL team wore what jersey in what year, see the NHL uniform database.  Special thanks to the Trinity team parents for their shutterfly page and Dustin Satloff Photography .  Both sites provide pretty extensive picture coverage for Trinity and Colby, so hop over for a look. And now, on to the jerseys...

Amherst Lord Jeffs
At home the Lord Jeffs feature a white based jersey with the classic school name written across the chest look. On the road, they feature a black jersey, with a big "A" and purple piping on the shoulders and arms.

Conor Brown (source
Mike Moher (source

Bowdoin Polar Bears
Bowdoin goes with a classic black and white (with a little grey thrown in) look at both home and on the road; the shoulders feature a polar bear claw. I'm sure Jay-Z would like to take credit for the minimalist look a la the Nets , but Bowdoin was rocking the black and white long before the Nets were in Brooklyn.

Steve Messina (source)
Daniel Weiniger (source

Colby Mules
Colby features a tipped over horse-shoe (mule shoe?) for the Colby "C" with an M inside it for Mules. It is a variation of the classic Canadians logo.

Nick Trepp (source
Jack Bartlett (source


Connecticut College Camels
Conn. College's road and home jerseys feature different logos, but both prominently feature the fiercer camel  mascot unveiled in 2010 as well as the interlocking Cs on the shoulder. The home jersey features a big camel, while the road jersey features a smaller camel in a circular logo, popular among NHL teams  for their third alternate uniforms.

JC Cangelosi (source
Dawson Luke (source)

Hamilton Continentals 
The Continentals colors are buff and blue, the colors of the continental army. At home, they feature the school's name in blue lettering bordered by buff. On the road, they have a navy base with a white "H" with buff shadowing.  One special feature of the Hamilton kit is the "H" on the knees of the sock.

Joe Quattrochi (source
Drew Jelinek (source

Middlebury Panthers
Middlebury has a classic, minimalist look. At home they have a giant navy "M" and on the road, they have a navy base with a giant white"M."

Evan Neugold (source)
Louis Belisle (source

Trinity Bantams
The Bantams combine the school name emblazoned across the chest look with the mascot look. At home, a white base with navy "Trinity" and the cock-sured Bantam sticking his chest out. The road jerseys do away with the Bantam and have a navy base with gold lettering and numbers, as well as the school seal on the shoulder.

Jackson Brewer (source
Elie Vered (source

Tufts Jumbos
Tufts official school colors are light blue and brown. The home jerseys have a white base with a diagonal "Tufts" in navy bordered by light blue. The brown is  seen across the collar bone and on the Jumbo shoulder logos. On the road, a dark base with a silver "T" flanked by Jumbo husks.

Tyler Voigt (source
Andrew White (source)

Wesleyan Cardinals
At home, the Cardinals feature a white base with a big black W with the cardinal mascot in the middle. In addition, the Wesleyan seal can be found on the shoulders.  On the road, Wesleyan has a black base with a circular logo (like Conn College) with the cardinal in the center.

Nick Craven (source

Keith Buehler (source


Williams Ephs 
At home the Ephs feature a white base with a purple script "Ephs" written across the chest. On the road, Williams has a black base with purple block lettering of "Williams" with yellow bordering written diagonally.

Sean Dougherty (source)
Paul Steinig (source)

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